About Ecomatech

EcoMatech was formed in July 2016 by Dr. R.K. Viswanadham, known to just about everyone in professional circles as Vis. With a PhD from the University of Illinois and over half a century of materials expertise in a wide range of materials, processes, and industries, he is well qualified to help you solve a wide range of problems related to materials, processing, and applications.  When inhouse knowledge and expertise are not available or not adequate to solve the problem in a timely manner, Vis can be your go-to person for solving the problem in a timely, flexible, and cost-effective manner. In addition to his own expertise, Vis can bring a wide range of tools and expertise available in universities and other vendors to help solve the problem in a timely manner. He is available for specific projects or on an ongoing basis. He can be your materials scientist on call.

Vis operating the Tescan Vega 4 integrated SEM/EDS system

Vis Receiving the Robert Glen Lye Memorial Award for Best Technical Publication

Education and Experience

R.K. Viswanadham, known to his friends and colleagues as Vis, came to the US in 1968. After successfully obtaining MS and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1970 and 1973, he worked as a Research Associate in the Department of Materials Science at Cornell University during 1973-75. During the next forty years he worked in a variety of industries including aerospace, oil & gas drilling, tooling, mining, permanent magnets, and an aluminum R&D consortium. He organized and chaired the First International Conference on the Science of Hard Materials in Jackson Lake, Wyoming in 1981. During his career he held many positions such as Research Scientist, Staff Scientist, Chief Scientist, Chief Metallurgist, Manager R&D, VP R&D and VP Engineering.  In addition to his focus on hard materials, superhard materials and their composites, he has also worked on a variety of other materials systems such as steels, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, intermetallic composites, and polymers.


Ecomatech aspires to become a first-choice provider of materials consulting services to customers all across the world.


Bring over half a century of materials expertise in a wide range of materials, industries, and applications to solve customer problems in a timely, flexible, and cost-effective manner.


    1. Customer focus
    2. Personal and Professional Integrity
    3. Work ethic
    4. No discrimination
    5. Humility
    6. Individual excellence embedded in teamwork
    7. Nothing is sacred, question all hypotheses and assumptions
    8. Continuous improvement in everything we do
    9. Respect for others, their ideas, and contributions
    10. Respect for knowledge, science, and technology (rational thinking)
    11. Open communication, cooperation, and collaboration