Establish Materials Laboratories and Processing Plants

Establish Materials Laboratories

Establishing materials laboratories is not a trivial task. Defining the need, deciding which tools are essential and which ones can be outsourced, which brands provide the best value for the money and provide long, and trouble-free service are critical. Comparing the different options based on cost, features and reliability is also a very time consuming, but important task. Ecomatech has established materials laboratories in different parts of the world and is intimately familiar with the issues and problems and that can be encountered. Ecomatech can help you avoid the pitfalls of buying a costly but unnecessary or even unreliable piece of equipment and living with it for many years.

Establish Materials Processing Plants

Ecomatech has considerable experience in establishing steel heat treat, carbide recycling and other materials processing plants. The best way to approach this problem is by forming a multi-disciplinary team that includes all stakeholders.  Once the purpose, scope, and size of the facility is decided, a project plan is made, and a timeline is decided. All the critical steps are then identified. Portions of the project that can run in parallel and others that are sequential are identified. A thousand major and minor decisions will have to be made during the project. Often it is the minor ones that turn out be the problematic ones. The most successful way of project implementation is for the team to meet regularly and discuss each issue (even if it seems minor at first sight) and make a decision. Meeting agendas, action items and status checks on these action items during each meeting are essential. Ecomatech has successfully applied this team-based approach to establishing successful, state-of-the-art materials processing facilities and can help your team during any and all stages of establishing a materials processing facility. Ecomatech has:

  • Established state-of-the-art steel heat treatment facility in India for mining tools
  • Established an improved carbide injection molding facility with new molding machine, feedstock preparation equipment and optimized thermal debinding and sintering resulting in high yield and low scrap
  • Specified the process steps and helped establish a facility for recovering and recycling carbide inserts from used mining bits
Establish Materials Laboratories
Materials and Reliability Engineering Laboratory in Sandvik Asia Ltd. India
Establish Materials Laboratories 2
Submerged Arc Welding Unit at the Materials Laboratory in Santiago, Chile
Establish Materials Laboratories 3
State-of-the-art Heat Treat Facility in Sandvik Asia Ltd. India
Establish Materials Laboratories 4
Plant for Recovery of WC-Co Inserts from Rotary Mining Bits, India