Failure Analysis and Materials Selection

Failure Analysis

Ecomatech has several decades of experience in failure analysis in different application areas. Failures encountered in applications such as surface mining, aggregate crushing, wood working tools, oil and gas drill bits and failures due to corrosion were analyzed to determine root cause. Corrective actions can involve changes in design, materials or both. Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (SEM/EDS), among others, is an indispensable tool for failure analysis.  Having 7/24 access to a state-of-the-art SEM/EDS system means that Ecomatech can conduct failure analyses with quick turnaround.  Ecomatech can also assist in root cause analysis to determine the reasons for the failure and suggest solutions on how to mitigate such failures in the future.

Many decades of experience in analyzing different field failures:

  • Failures of Rotary Crushing Hammers for Aggregates
  • Corrosion Failures of Aluminum Alloys
  • Failures of Rotary Mining Tools (Insert Wear, Insert Loss, Insert, Leg and Cone Fracture, Bearing Failures)
  • Oil and Gas Drilling Tools
  • Brazed Joints

Materials Selection

Materials Selection for a given application is often empirical and based on prior experience. If the material chosen is not right for the application, has processing related defects, or if the design is flawed, failure will be the result along with huge financial losses or even loss of well-earned reputation. Sometimes not anticipating all the different aspects of a given application can result in unexpected failure. Careful analysis of what the application demands is essential before the right material can be selected. How the component is processed also determines the nature and type of defects that can lead to premature failure. All these factors are intricately interconnected. Ecomatech has several decades of experience in material selection for a variety of industrial applications and can help you select the right material for the application.

  • Wood Cutting Tools
  • Rotary Mining Bits
  • Fixed Cutter Matrix Bits
  • WC-Co Grade Selection for a Variety of Applications
Failure Analysis and Materials Selection

Slip and Fracture on the Gage Row Inserts in a Rotary Mining Bit

Failure Analysis and Materials Selection

Thermal Fatigue Cracking and Progressive Material Removal in a Wear Test